About embrace Zanzibar NGO.

Embrace Zanzibar (NGO) is a volunteer organization registered in Zanzibar, we are a group of young people working together for one purpose only, helping communities. Zanzibar is two Islands off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa.


We operate in the Island of Unguja in the Stone Town region, our volunteer houses are situated in different locations in Zanzibar. Such as:- Hurumzi Stone Town 3 KwaBoko, 12 Kiswandui, 3 Ungujaukuu? Chukwani 8 Paje 16 PwaniMchangani? Jambiani 12 Nungwi.? Uroa? Our volunteer organization currently has eight staff employees and eight team leaders in different countries overseas, all of whom have knowledge and experience of the languages English, Swahili, French, Germany and Italian.


Each member of staff is eager to meet and greet volunteers from any part of the world, to come and join us in this movement of doing differences to make the world an embraceable place. All the houses that we provide for our volunteers can accommodate up to 42 volunteers all together at one time.


Currently we are working on a single volunteer house in Uroa which has the capacity to accommodate upto 110 volunteers at a time. We opened in August 3rd 2011 and are very happy to welcome all volunteers around the globe. All our projects are based in several locations throughout the island. The majority of our projects is Teaching, Environment preservation, Heritage site preservation and in different communities all over.


Teaching:- you can lead the lesson or simply become an assistant and help the children with their work. If teaching is not for you, then there are many other projects in which you can help; sports programs, women's groups, craft groups, music, computer works. If you have any particular skills then feel free to drop us the idea and maybe you can start your own program whilst volunteering. For more details about applying to volunteer in Zanzibar, Tanzania, or to find out more about the projects we are currently working with EMBRACE ZANZIBAR.

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